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Incubating logs with mycelium grain is also easy to use and

Ideally you should introduce your shiitake block to a fruiting environment when it’s at least 75% brown – about 8-12 weeks after it has been inoculated. Wood dowels inoculated with “warm temperature range” shiitake mycelium for log cultivation. Drill hole in freshly harvested hardwood log, tap in plug spawn with hammer, cover with wax, and store outdoors in shade. *Orders containing warm shiitake plugs may be delayed while we grow fresh stock Enjoy super-delicious shiitake mushroom plugs in all sorts of dried, canned and frozen forms at Leading shiitake mushroom plugs sellers bring them to you right from farmers. 2013-05-24 2015-11-01 100 Shiitake mushroom plug spawn and detailed instructions.

Shiitake mycelium plugs

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Wide Range Strains - Plug Spawn; Wide Range Strains - Sawdust Spawn; Wide Range Strains - Thimble Spawn; Shiitake Warm Weather Strains. Warm Weather Strains - Plug Spawn; Warm Weather Strains - Sawdust Spawn; Warm Weather Strains - Thimble Spawn; Shiitake Cool Weather Strains. Cool Weather Strains - Plug Spawn Wood dowels inoculated with "wide temperature range" shiitake mycelium for log cultivation. Drill hole in freshly harvested hardwood log, tap in plug spawn with hammer, cover with wax, and store outdoors in shade.

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Shiitake mycelium plugs

345 sold. Watch; Shiitake Mushroom Plug Spawn Characteristics: Heat-loving shiitake of the koshin type: the fruit bodies are numerous, medium-sized (7 à 9 cm diam.), thinly fleshed, pale-shaded and scarcely scaled. Unless they are cultivated at low temperatures; then they are then darker, more scaled and produce heavier fruit bodies. Origin. Far East. 2011-07-20 · The spawn: The basic idea here is to fill the holes in the log with shiitake spawn (mycelium).

Shiitake mycelium plugs

These mushroom plugs will fruit at a wide range of temperatures and responds well to shocking. Buy shiitake mushroom plugs from us now! These shiitakes are best grown in hardwood … Shiitake mushroom mycelium plug by 2funguys are useful mushroom spawn plugs. This product comes with a 100 count of mushroom plugs. They are full of healthy mushroom mycelium for your mushrooms to grow.
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Shiitake mycelium plugs

Each spawn block will produce between 3 to 5 flushes of mushrooms before the mycelium becomes too weak to produce any more mushrooms, at which point your blocks will probably start to become contaminated with mold. Mycology At Its Finest! - YouTube.

Logs, you provide, can be as long as 4ft long and the diameter should be approx. 6 inches. Mycology At Its Finest!
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100 Shiitake Mushroom Spawn Plugs to Grow Gourmet and Medicinal Mushrooms at Home or commercially.

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Shiitake - Large package - 100 pcs - mycelium spawn plugs. Shiitake - Lentinula edodes - is a mushroom that belongs to the most popular edible fungi in the world. The old Chinese tradition says that you should eat those mushrooms in order to maintain good health and live long. Store bought shiitake mushroom mycelium growing on non sterilized cardboard. Description. Shiitake Mushroom Plugs – Lentinus edodes, GMHP offers plug spawn of hardy gourmet and medicinal mushroom species: These all climate sterilized birch plugs are grooved and fully colonized by pure mushroom mycelium, and are available in packages of approximately 100 or 300 dowels (Shiitake Plug Spawn is also available in packages of approximately 100, 300, and 1000 dowels).

(100 count) shiitake mushroom mycelium plugs. Comes with enough plug spawn for 2-3 stumps or logs and should continue to grow shiitake mushrooms for many many years. Easy to grow.